Back from WJAX 2017

And as always three very nice and helpful days for me. Learned a lot, really 😉 And it just started with the finger in the wound (as it should be). The first keynote “It’s a small world afterall” was held by Sander Hoogendorn and is (fortunatly) available online

Two reasons why I like really this presentation:

  1. it is showing a possible way into the future and getting things done
  2. it doesn’t blame the wrong people (at least it confirms that it is not me who is the git if I’m talking to our ITIL/Waterfall/old-style-PM-fanboys)

There were two other presentations with similarities. One by @jabopiti (DevOps als Bringschuld der IT und wie das Management den Wandel sabotiert) and another one with some kind of shock moment. In 2016 Puppet released the “State of DevOps Report” and I pinned a page as personal reminder that I’m a low performer on my office whiteboard.

It’s nice to take a look at it especially if I’m waiting, again, e.g. for a signature of the management staff to get permission to deploy an actual change resolution in the next open deployment window in the next financial planned quartal.
Nevertheless I’ve seen this page very often at the conference.

Apart from DevOps there were other very nice presentations about JavaEE, Testing, Containers and even ethics. In every case a nice week, thanks all.


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