Security techniques for communication networks

Really this sounds like a topic for comp science people, eh? Believe me, it is. The course had weekly lectures, two longer presentations (nearly 4 hours each) at some weekends, several multiple choice tests and two bigger submission tasks and finally a half hour of an oral exam.

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The Art of Motion Graphics

At the university I’m currently in a course called “Design of Motion Graphic Interfaces” and one assignment is to create a video clip consisting of four parts matching the following requirements:

  • the 1st part should introduce me
  • the other parts should be related to given chapters from Hararis “Homo Deus”
  • you’ll have to use given techniques (like greenscreening, shape-transforming, alpha-masks,…)
  • try to avoid cliparts and copyrighted content
  • and intermediate sequences should glue everything together
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At the university… again

Don’t know if midlife-crisis hits me hard yet – or something else – but now I’m officially a student again. It’s (nearly) the same course of studies as twenty years ago and if I read the module handbook I find a lot of similarities. But as I said – 20 yrs – a lot of time, a lot of changes and I’m really a little bit afraid of the things to come.

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Compile as requirement

“The final delivered product should contain the sources, all needed dependencies and the documentation on how to build the system.”

Frequently this or something similar could be found in the requirements without a proper description what is really wanted and is often misunderstood on both sides. And sometimes it is dangerous as well.

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JBoss EAP 6/7 Administration and Development Training Days

…just basics. I believe my first encounter with JBoss as application server was in 2003 and most projects before where done with Apaches Tomcat. Nearly one or two years later – and with a little bit more experience with Java Enterprise – the JBoss system became the preferred app server by me and the tool of choice (in cases where I’ve got the choice).

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