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  • encoding of multimedia data
  • project and quality management
  • perceptual psychology and media psychology
  • video techniques

(bc. all of these were provided through prior services)

Windows 10 update #2

Windows begs utterly for an upgrade on my Dell Inspiron 2330 and I thought that everybody should get a second chance. A short look at the Dell support page stated the full compatibility with Windows 10 – so I should be happy with an upgrade. Again, after hours the machine restarted, I saw the desktop and finally the INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR was gone. But I wasn’t happy. The Inspiron has two internal graphic options – either it could run on Intels HD or it could use as second option an ATI Radeon graphic card. Windows 8.1 was able to (automatically) switch between, the new Windows 10 was not. Maybe I forgot to install Dells driver package? No! Maybe I should use the original ATI drivers? Didn’t work too. The MS fallback driver? Again, same result.

Reinstalled 8.1

Windows 10 update

Today I tried to upgrade one of my machines. It was running on Windows 8.1 and should be able to run 10 (as the specs state at least). After hours the machine restarted and finally I saw the new desktop environment. But working was rather painfully. Every 30 minutes (exactly) the machine stopped to work with an error message (INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR). That is not what I wanted and I decided to go back to 8.1