Back to the roots... static sites

Ok… Finally, I moved this blog to a much simpler,technical platform for a simple reason. The contract with my hosting provider includes three domains but only one wildcard certificate for one of these. If I want to secure the other domains (like this one) they'll force me to upgrade to a more expensive contract or to buy additional certificates. But this is not in my interest. Additionally, this is just a small blog with not much content and more text then everything else. No need for a database and a full blown wordpress installation.

Bye WordPress, Hello Hugo

At first I set up a local static site generator (Hugo) and fed it with all those old blog posts. Getting the text and solving some layout and formatting issues took me half a day. But, honestly, working with a simple text editor is so much easier. All the work should be in a version control system and I needed space to host the resulting static pages. Not to forget the ability to serve the encrypted content. GitHub is your friend and works together with Hugo and LetsEncrypt. Final step: connect with your old domain –> done in some minutes. And here we are now.