The dude... of Smart Graphics

This was fun. Really. And it wasn’t expected to be like this. The course was called “smart graphics” and I liked it. And one reason was the teacher…

Mister Professor Doctor rerum naturalium R. C. – cool dude btw. – and his motto: /“no stress”/! Long before the first meeting I knew just the little summary of the course description – shortly it’s about how graphics could make your life easier and how to connect graphics with human environments. Sounds a little bit like knowledge which I hoped I could find in the /Motion Graphics Interfaces/ course.

The course started with an introduction into the topic, handing over a script and masses of conference papers and the declaration that there will be just this intro. No weekly lectures, no pressure, no duties and the only things which really counts is a written article about a topic of my choice. Of course there was a deadline and the article should have an association with the topic in some way. In fact, he was there – every week – just casual chatting. Very relaxed and pleasant.

With a task like this, it’s natural to combine it with your job and things you have deeper knowledge about.